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Being an IT practitioner by profession, it seemed rather obvious that I would want to run some sort of IT services company. However, being a woman - a black one - in Africa, made me find issues of women empowerment and economic emancipation more interesting. Also, there are quite a few IT services companies around. Competition is stiff. Still, I needed to do something. So I started. First with a few 'jobs' for friends and acquaintances, and later with larger undertakings for strangers. Then I had children and enterprise development became that much harder. Innovation belongs to the one that has a problem to solve. How was I going to continue to work, with two children and a house to take care of? Technology. That's how. So, with Whatsapp I was able to post advertisements of my work and engage new clients.  With my knowledge of existing computer software and technologies, even those as simple as Ms Word and Excel, I was able to create office stationery and basic accounting systems. Home internet kept me connected, communicating and researching. The sleep deprivation that comes with nursing a new born  allowed me to work half the night. And so, by pushing through the challenges, I found my unique selling point and value proposition. ICTs, both existing and emerging (we will talk more about these in the next post), can and do help women start and grow their businesses, reach wider markets and balance work and family life. With a baby on my hip, I was able to close deals, arrange collaborations with fellow practitioners, get the job done and get paid. ICT meets and serves the cause for women empowerment. My passion and my profession came together and Lior IT (Pvt) Ltd was born. 

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